" The Prince family saved $35,000 travelling the world in ONE year "
Learn to hack travel and live an epic family lifestyle without it costing you a fortune !
After travelling the world and meeting so many amazing families living their dreams
we put pen to paper to tell their AMAZING stories and share their STRATEGIES 
to help you also have an EPIC life with your kids !
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" Thank you for your book ! It really opened my mind to the tactics people are using to give the children such a unique start in life. I thought before that all these families traveling must be rich but i was wrong ! I am now working towards a 3 month travel project with my daughters... and with your lessons i feel very confident we can do it ! "

- Lilly from Manchester
 " WOW - the travel hacker stories are so inspiring !
It is the first book i have read that has very practical lessons to implement for each strategy used. When put like that I feel that it is very doable. I have started an action plan with my husband so we too can show our kids some of the world. We do not have high revenues but with what we learnt here we are sure we can make it happen ! "

- Mary from Dublin
Book written by producers of the series that has been featured in PRESS Worldwide
Who are we ?
We are a normal Irish & French couple with a little girl.. that is called The Kid Trotter.
We are big believers in travel broadening the mind .. and it being one of the most powerful forms of education. We have travelled around the world with our daughter watching her grow confidently into a world citizen with a mindset of 'anything is possible'

It was through our own research and practice that we learn how to really hack travel and reduce the cost of long term travel significantly. Networking with more family travel hackers furthered our horizons... Hence we spent many months ( years in fact ) writing this book for other families to understand how you too can really offer your kids epic life changing experiences! Please enjoy the book and let us know what you thought.
Book written and gifted to you by The Kid Trotter family
we have interviewed many amazing families for this book - Thank you to them for their time !
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